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i am a junior in my first year of ib, i’m an american citizen but i live in spain and have for the last 3 years, i have relatively good grades mainly As and A-s but my extracurriculars aren’t the best, i play tennis and attend a local painting class. i also do a lot of community service and i’m one of the junior class representatives but that’s about it. any tips on how to improve my application and my chances for getting into college?

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@aurora3 years ago

I honestly think your resume looks pretty solid. If you are looking for more things to put on your resume, maybe consider joining a community service organization or making one since you seem interested in it. Also, join clubs at your school or make one!

@Jbean063 years ago

A lot of schools require several high-level ECs.

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If you don't already play tennis competitively, such as for your school or in a league, then you should consider doing so. Additionally, you could play a musical instrument. Studies have shown that students with more discipline are more likely to play a musical instrument, so playing an instrument will increase your chances of admission. Also, try to get a distinct position as a class representative, such as student body president. A lot of times it can be helpful to just improve the strength of your existing ECs. Good luck, hope this helps.

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