2 years ago
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teacher reccomendations

im close to most of my teachers, but im not sure if only a certain few are "dependable". im really just asking for advice on which teacher would be able to know me personally throughout their class.

ap psychology
color guard coach
creative writing teacher
band director
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2 years ago

I don't know man, you don't want your AP psychology teacher psychoanalyzing you. Or maybe you do...

I'd pick the teacher who you think knows you best. The teacher that you would go eat lunch with if you had no one in the cafeteria to eat with. The teacher who really appreciates your work and pushes you to go even farther. The teacher who notices you out of a crowd of students.

Also, if you're looking for a good recommendation letter, think about which teacher is best at writing. Think about the assignments they've given you and how they've been worded. The creative writing teacher is an obvious choice, but maybe your psychology teacher is also a brilliant writer.


2 years ago

You need to provide more information for responders to be able to make an accurate assessment. With the data you have given, I'd say your band director or your creative writing teacher.

🎤2 years ago

AP Psychology: i want to become a child psychologist in the future

Color Guard Coach: i am the head captain of my colorguard team, and i've gotten really close to him, but he is not a part of my school faculty

Creative Writing Teacher: i express myself through my writing, but i haven't been able to communicate personally with her. but she always compliments my work and my thoughts and feelings.

Band Director: again, head color guard captain, i've gotten close with him a lot more recently. unlike my coach, he's known me since eighth grade

2 years ago

Thanks. If you don't have a close relationship with your creative writing teacher, then she may not be the best choice. You mentioned that your color guard coach is not part of your school's faculty, so he won't count as a HS teacher. That leaves your band director and your AP Psychology teacher. If you want to be a child psychologist, then it could be very helpful to have an LOR from a psychology teacher, as long as he knows you well. If your band director has known you from before you were even in HS, then he will be able to write a very good LOR for you. I'd personally advise either your AP Psych teacher or your band director, whomever you think knows you better.


2 years ago

The creative writing teacher would know you better through the work you have submitted for them, although you should choose whichever one you think knows you best.


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