22 days ago
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Does a 20 as an ACT English score impact admission chances?

I currently have an 18 cumulative score on the ACT, but I was wondering if the high English score helps my chances at all


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22 days ago

Since the average ACT score in the US is about a 20.7, you always should aim to be above the average. So that means that of the 1.7 million HS students that took the ACT, 850,000 would have a higher score than 20.7, and 850,000 would have a lower score than 20.7

An 18 English score is a 39% percentile score so that means 61% of test-takers had a higher score. A 20 would translate to a 51% score you are right in the middle. Now a 24 would be a 74% percentile score so that is a significantly better score. That puts you in the top 26% of test-takers.

Students who have composite ACT scores of 24-25 have significantly better choices of what kind of college they can attend. I don't know if you have time to study harder to prepare for taking the ACT again, but if you do, I would encourage you to get as high as a score as possible to secure better college choices for you.

Good luck.

22 days ago

I'm honestly not sure, but I suppose it doesn't since it is only a 2 point difference.

Also, your cumulative and English scores are just average. 26 or more is considered above average.

Not saying your ACT is bad, it's average, which is good, but that 20 won't really impact you that much unless it would've been more than 26.

Hope it helps!


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