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I type projects for people, help create forms and other official documents. I also print and edit. I also work as a freelance transcriptionist. What name will I give this in my extracurricular? Should I put the document typing and transcribing in the same extracurricular Page?


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18 days ago

I would put typist and/or project assistant and include the description you just put "type projects for clients/individuals, assist others in creating necessary forms and official documents" and then put transcription as a separate extracurricular.

17 days ago

Hi there @Meggy,

If you have a bunch of extracurriculars and need to consolidate, you can write the generic "Transcriptionist" as your Activity and then elaborate on the different spaces in which you perform this work.

If you have the space, list the titles as two separate activities and be sure to differentiate the roles and skills that pertain to each.

Hope this helps!


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