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art supplement for applications?

hi! first post here so sorry if this is a silly question.

i am currently in art III honors at my highschool, and i do think i have a high skill level. however, i am not interested in attending art school. i would love to major in political science at georgetown. i just learned today that you can add an art supplement to your application. is this worth the time? will it give the admissions officers a better picture of me as a student? i think it shows how i am creative and able to dedicate my time to something im passionate about. will it help cushion my application, even though i am not doing an arts major?

any advice is much appreciated <3

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28 days ago

That's fine! Adding the art you've done to your application can increase your chances. With high art classes, you learn different art styles and forms. It also sees you as the creative type and it also sees you as dedicated and able to take higher classes!


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