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College Essay Writing/brainstorming paid help

I am an international student applying for early action before November 2021. Please suggest essay writing help counselors with paid services for Common app AND ApplyTexas.


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College Vine offers 2 payment options for an essay review.

The basic is $20.00 USD per essay, and the premium is $60.00 USD per essay.

I think the turnaround time is 2 to 3 days.

Good luck.


4 months ago

Hey there 👋 this is Tim, one of the Product Managers at CV. We're now proud to be offering Expert Essay Reviews by College Essay Guy! Here are the details-

We offer two essay review packages:

1. Topic check - the reviewer reads your essay, weighs in on the general direction you're going in, and offers feedback on how to make your essay more compelling.

2. Full Review - for this package, the reviewer also leaves in-document feedback. They will correct grammar, structure, and offer helpful writing tips to craft your best essay.


The base prices are $20 (Topic Check) and $60 (Full Review). The base price is combined with a per-word price to create the final price for the service. You can actively calculate the price for your essay at the link below.

I hope this is helpful!



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