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I am applying for a physics program in a liberal art college, and I was wondering if I should submit two STEM teachers' recommendations or one humanity and one STEM.

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3 years ago

It often depends on the college - many colleges in the "first-year applicants" section will include recommendations as to what they would like the recommenders to cover. I would think that a college would like to see if you are a well-rounded individual, and since you will probably be taking humanities classes, I would do one humanity and one STEM, and maybe a supplemental recommendation if you are in any STEM clubs/programs if you feel that you performed well in them (a mentor that helped you in a club, a program leader, etc).

3 years ago

Hi there @A-W12,

First and foremost, I would check out the letter of recommendation requirements specific to the college. Some schools require STEM or engineering students to have at least one letter of rec from a teacher in a STEM course.

For this letter, I'd recommend you ask your physics teacher from the most advanced physics course you have taken in high school.

As for the second letter, you should choose a teacher that knows you well and can vouch for your skills and abilities both academically and outside the classroom if possible. If this happens to be in a subject related to your prospective major, great! But if you think your most eloquent and personal letter will come from a humanities teacher, you should go for it as you already have your STEM base covered with the first letter.

Hope this helps and best of luck!

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