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05/14/2020 at 04:15AM
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What are some good SAT books for a freshman in high school? And what are some tips to get a high SAT score ?

I’m currently a freshman in high school and I want to start practicing for SAT although I didn’t finish up to Algebra 2 yet. What are some good tips to get a higher SAT score and what are some good SAT books that would let me have a high SAT score ?

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05/15/2020 at 01:14AM

I used the SAT Black Book (, which worked really well for me -- my actual SAT score (1570) was roughly a hundred points higher than the scores I was getting on practice tests prior to reading the book.

I also definitely agree with @whynir about Khan Academy for practice problems, especially for the math sections.

05/14/2020 at 07:46AM

Hiya! Best tip I think I could give is learning to manage your time well during these tests. The SAT isn't as speedy as the ACT is, but you still need to learn how to pace yourself. Another tip... these tests are super time-consuming and pretty expensive, so don't jump the gun and take one really early (like your freshman year... you have so much time) just because you wanna see what you can do, study first and then take one when you're ready. As for books, I would suggest going with Khan Academy instead. It makes studying for the SAT so much easier as they run a diagnostics test and then only test you on what you need to work on, so you don't end up wasting time on subjects you're already familiar with... plus it's completely free :) I only used Khan Academy's services (went through all the sections, the most important section to get down, in my opinion, is the "writing" portion, which focuses on grammar. a lot of people make careless mistakes on that section) and I eventually got a 1560.


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