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Which teacher should I ask?

The college I am applying to only allows for one academic letter of recommendation. I’m not sure which of these teachers could give me a better recommendation. My chosen major is a BS in sustainability, so I’m also not sure if a math teacher recommendation would be better.

Math teacher: honors class and dual enrollment class, 9th and 10th grade, two A+’s, knows them better through student council

History teacher: honors class and AP class, 10th and 11th grade, one A and a B, knows them better through NHS

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3 years ago

Hello! I’m not sure if there is a perfect answer out there, but I hope I can offer some advice. You seem to be a very well-rounded student, which definitely allows you to pick either. I would be a little worried about choosing the math teacher, as they may not remember much about your academic record, however if your school’s student council is smaller, they may know you more personally than a leader of an NHS of potentially 50+ students (but also keep in mind that it’s a National Honors Society…) I wouldn’t necessarily worry about the grades you got in each class (unless you failed), but rather focus on how engaged you were in that class, especially since colleges will recognize that last year was a pain with COVID. Overall, I’m leaning towards the history teacher, and you can let your STEM GPA and the potential classes you too to account for your interest in sustainability. If you are REALLY close with the math teacher and you’ve shown super strong leadership in student council, then I would perhaps select the math teacher. If you can, I’d bring this question to a guidance counselor and even one of these teachers as well. They will be honest with you.

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