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can my gpa still raise as a senior?

my gpa is 3.4 right now as a highschool senior and i really want to increase it for university. is it too late ?

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3 years ago[edited]

Since your 3.4 is based on 6 semesters of grades, if you get a 4.0 with the same course load this semester, you will have a 3.4857. If you take 6 to 8 classes each semester and 1/2 of them are APs or Weighted Classes, you can achieve a 4.50 GPA for the semester, this will increase your cumulative unweighted GPA to 3.557 for the mid-year grades. Any grades that you take next year for the Spring are not factored into college admissions. Although they all want to see the grades, all the decisions will have come out prior to you finishing up your Spring Semester.

Here's the math:

((6)(3.40)+(1)(4.00))/7=24.4/7 semesters = 3.4857

If you take 8 classes and 1/2 are weighted as 5.0/4.0 then

((6)(3.40)+(1)4.50))/7 =24.9/7 semesters = 3.557

The average admit at NYU has a 3.70 UWGPA so applying with a 3.48-3.55 is going to be challenging at NYU.

Good luck.

(the other answer is not correct, you can not achieve anywhere close to a 3.8 in the time you have even if you take all APs, the theoretical max if you only took APs say 6/6 classes or 8/8 classes is 3.62) ((6)(3.40)+(1)5.00))/7 =25.4/7 semesters = 3.628

3 years ago

If you get straight A's through your senior year then you can raise your cumulative UGPA to a 3.55, which can be accepted at fairly competitive schools such as Arizona State, Penn State, and NYU. Good luck, hope this helps.

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