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I cannot manage my time.

Hi, I am Dev Patel, currently a freshman in high school and I have general question or want advice on time management. Like I come from school and do my homework until night, have dinner and sleep and I just don't have enough time to study for upcoming tests or for extra knowledge. If any of you guys have advice, please feel free to let me know

Thank You in advance!

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19 days ago

Hello Dev! Time management is really difficult in high school! One thing I’ve done throughout my high school career (I’m now a senior) is to prioritize homework. If you have a teacher that’s more lenient on late work, and you’re having a busy evening, you can delay a day or two to turn it in (or turn it in halfway finished, and then complete the rest the next day). I’ve done this quite often with various teachers and they’re mostly forgiving about it, especially if you tell them you’re overwhelmed. If you truly don’t have time, one or two missed assignments isn’t going to kill your GPA, and your sleep and mental health is more important. Also, definitely not accusing you of this, but I have a habit of keeping my phone handy while I’m doing homework. Agh! Worst thing ever! Set one of those phone timer things that makes you keep it off or you kill a plant or something. Honestly it works so well if you set it for an hour and just work. I really hope this helps, and I hope you have a great freshman year!

13 days ago

Hi there! I recently graduated from my first year in High School! As a freshman, COVID19 was going on. Trying to manage higher classes, music, EC's, and a 4.0 GPA were stressful. I've always done private and homeschool but in High School, I went to a public school. It was a huge change.

You mentioned time management, I had that problem as well. I found having a planner and a certain time for everything, made my day easier. After school, I'd finish my homework and eat dinner with my family. By then, I was so tired I couldn't do anything else.

When it comes to studying, that's not something I always did or do even now. Why you're wondering? I don't find it worth the time. If I can understand a subject, I'll pretty much pass. But not everyone's like that.

I'd say try to make everything work out, but it's not helpful. Talk to your parents and teachers. Every student's brain works differently. Ask classmates their ideas. Try to find out how your brain works and what you need to do to improve your standards!

Let me know if I can help more!


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