17 days ago
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Commended Scholar for National Merit Scholarship.

Is this distinction significant? Is there a place on college vine to list this on my profile?

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15 days ago

Hey @lesh0317, great question! Definitely echoing @CameronBameron's answer here: you can note this distinction on your application, and definitely should (and you should be proud!). While this distinction will likely not give you much of a boost if you are planning to apply to the most selective colleges and universities, it can still certainly further add to a strongly-indicated academic foundation -- if you're already academically distinguishing yourself, then this distinction will only add to that and make it all the more clear.

I hope this is helpful, and good luck -- you got this!

17 days ago

Hi, congratulations. You are one of 34,000 Commended Scholars. While you can put this honor on your Common App under Awards and Honors, there is nowhere to add this on the CollegeVine chancing profile. Rather, CV just factors in your input SAT or ACT score into the chancing profile.

This honor is not going to give you any kind of boost if you are applying to Top 25 colleges because most of their admits will be NMS winners or have equivalent ACT scores as SAT NMS Winners. It might give you a boost at a Top 50-100 school.

Good luck.


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