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I'm not sure if I have a shot at getting into college (as an international student)

Hello! I'm an international student (junior, she/her) who aspires to do my undergrad in Computer Engineering from the US, preferably with as much scholarship as possible since my family won't be able to afford college otherwise. I come from a third-world country in Asia and a large number of students apply for my major from my country. I had a 96.4% in my sophomore year and a 91% in my freshman year and plan on taking my SAT this year in December. Our school doesn't offer any AP classes so I plan on independently taking 3 AP exams in 2022.

In regards to extracurriculars, I have been dancing for 11 years and have a national-level diploma in dance. I have also closely worked with the pioneers and exponents of said traditional dance form. I also sing and uploaded my debut single almost a month ago which currently has 9.2k streams (400-600 daily). I recreationally play the keyboard and two other instruments. I'm also interning as a front-end web developer at an NGO (unpaid) and have built an android app which I plan on releasing on the play store in a month or so. I've built more than 500 websites and web apps till date. I also do graphic designing and have a small print-on-demand store and have sold products worth more than 12,000 (in my currency which is way less worth than the USD of course).

I'm also currently illustrating a comic that boils down the complex mathematical complex into short and easy-to-understand chunks of art. Additionally, I plan to do some research work in the field of physics or mathematics next year.

We aren't given options for subjects until the junior year so I have given my DELE in Spanish and cleared 2 levels in the same. I also had Artificial Intelligence as an additional subject in freshman and sophomore year and I currently am studying Physics, Chemistry, Math, English and Computer Science. I'm familiar with almost six programming languages (and learning more every day).

I also played badminton for a bit but nothing other than for recreational purposes. I plan on hosting some small 'females in tech' workshops and teach web development in the near future. I also plan on releasing more music over the next one and half years. It might be important to mention that I was a member of the student council in freshman year (we're not allowed to run for consecutive years) and a member of the Spanish club in my Sophomore year (the year it was founded) and am currently a member of the same. I've also helped organize independence day events and competitions for various other clubs and have also personally helped my teachers enhance their skills while teaching virtually by integrating artificial intelligence in the classroom.

My grades might take a hit by the end of this year since we've been affected by the virus both financially and emotionally.

Do I have a shot at getting into any university with a scholarship based on these criterias? I wish to be a computer scientist and work in the field of artificial intelligence.

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Chance-me questions are not permitted on College Vine. I would suggest you put in your data into your CV Profile and use the Chancing Engine to answer your own queries about what chances you have getting into colleges on your list. That is how it works here. As an Intl student, you have to use the American version of the chancing engine. Eventually there will be a Int'l one. So it's not super accurate for you.

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Hi there! I know a great school that you'll most likely get into and this school is welcoming to many international students! I recommend you check out Arizona State University. ASU has a variety of programs and excels in Computer science and engineering. As to scholarships, you should look at the international scholarships websites which I will list down below along with others.

I will say learning computer languages is pretty impressive and needed in our world today! Having made websites and apps is also really good. Your current learning path clearly shows you're determined and colleges like that!

Colleges don't only care about grades and academics. But they also care about you as a person. You mentioned you played badminton, danced, and sing. You could put that on your application and look for a club!

There are of course many great tech, private, and public schools that can meet your needs as an international student. You can check out these colleges;

-UT @ Austin


-University of Washington-Seattle




-Cal Poly


-Penn State


I will say, you have a great chance of getting into any college you'd like. Not just because you have great school records. But because you've shown that you're ready for more. You've shown how dedicated you are as a person, even during one of the hardest times(COVID). You've also shown that as an international student, you persevered and managed to get to where you need to be!

So in conclusion, yes. Any scholarships you need or guidance, many schools are willing to aid you in your search process.

Here's the link to ASU's International Students!; https://admission.asu.edu/international

P.S.- As a Sophomore in High School find you very intriguing. Every since I was a little girl, I've always wanted to major in Software Engineering. And then I read your post and it is inspiring! As a female, it's very rare to find fellow computer scientists and engineers with the same dreams and hope! Work hard and keep inspiring young girls around the world! You can do it!

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For a scholarship, I recommend UT Dallas. They have the opportunity for a full ride. You should definitely check that out. Also, Ivies give need based scholarships so you should try those too. Since you are an international citizen, I think it's harder for you to get scholarships in any other public schools.


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