3 years ago
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should i submit my ACT scores??

I saw a question similar to mine, but with SATs. I'm applying to Wellesley college ED and am very conflicted about whether or not to submit my scores. I'm homeschooled, so this is my only "official" sort of documentation of my academic skills compared to my peers.

My composite score is a 28. The average at Wellesley college is 31-34.

25 Math

23 Science

29 English

and 35 Reading.

I also took the optional writing test and got a 7.

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3 years ago

If I were applying to Wellesley with your ACT scores, I would apply test-optional.

1. Your scores are well below the 50th percentile range as you've pointed out. Looking at the common data set 2 cycles back, only 17.9% of admits had ACT scores between 24-29. This lower bracket of admits is mostly like due to Wellesley being more lenient to recruited athletes, legacies, development candidates, and first-generation persons of color who may or may not also be low income.

2. While your reading score is impressive and your English score is acceptable, your science and math scores are sub-par for Wellesley. And your 7/12 writing score will not impress them as most admits have between and 8 and 10, with 25% scoring 11s and 12s.

3. Last year 60% of applicants did not submit test scores and 50% of the admitted class didn't submit test scores. What this tells you is that Wellesley cares more about grades, class rank, personal character, recommendations, course rigor, your essay writing ability, and ECs. There is only a 10% implied penalty for not submitting a test score.

If you have the opportunity to prep more for the ACT, I would highly recommend that you take an online ACT prep course and focus on Math, Science, and English. If you are able to get your Maths and Science up to a 30, your super score would be 31. The October ACT registration has passed but you can still try for photo upload/standby if you register by 10/15. Otherwise, the next test date is December 11th.

Good luck.

3 years ago

Hi there @rozlage,

I agree with @CameronBameron's response here. You want to make sure you can clear the Academic Index at Wellesley in order to even have your application considered.

If you can't retake the ACT in time, I'd suggest applying test-optional.

Hope this helps!

3 years ago

I'd say it depends what major you're applying for. Incase you're applying for a humanities or creative major, I'd suggest you submit your score but if you're applying for a STEM major, it may not be the best idea considering there's going to be thousands of people with a better score on their math and science sections. Good luck!

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