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How to fill up the 'Summary of Educational Experience' page on APPLY TEXAS for Texas A&M Application?

As an international student I am asked to fill out the Summary of Educational Experience page, which has up to 18 years of space. It asks about the year it started and ended, and any certificates/ degree I earned. Am i supposed to fill it out for every year since nursery class? Or just for the years i won a certification? What is the purpose of that page? Do let me know.



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3 months ago

Hi there @Adwaita_04,

You'll want to include the first year you started school as a kid - for most students, that's around age 5 (kindergarten). There's more details on this page that might help you when you're filling out the app! https://www.applytexas.org/adappc/html/preview20/ifr_5.html

Hope this helps!


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