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I have two teachers that I'll be using as my recommenders on the Common App: my theatre teacher and my psychology teacher. Some of the schools I'm applying to only have a spot for one recommender. For those, which recommender should I put on the form? I've had classes with my theatre teacher since freshman year, and have become really close to them and I feel like they really understand me as a person. On the other hand, I've only had my psychology teacher for two years, but I've participated in a club they advise for four years, and have been a co-president of said club for the past two years. I have less of a close relationship with my psychology teacher, but I feel like a recommendation from an arts teacher may not be as highly valued, especially since I'm not applying to any art schools or majoring in arts.

What do you think?

Theatre teacher
Psychology teacher
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3 months ago

You should go with the one who is the better advocate and more compelling writer. Ask your college counselor at school for his/her opinion as to which of the two is asked most frequently and if they have a sense of the teacher's recommendation style. Don't be afraid to ask both teachers for their thoughts, as well. Be honest with them. It's an excellent question, and you clearly think highly of both of them, so given you have a close relationship with both, seeking their input on such a big decision as this makes perfect sense.


3 months ago

I would say the psych teacher because it is a more academic class. If you aren't majoring in art, I wouldn't do the theatre teacher.


3 months ago

The psychology teacher would be good because they know you in a more academic setting and colleges need that kind of information. However, some colleges might still accept just the theatre teacher's recommendation, though I'd probably suggest calling or emailing the admissions office(s) to ask first just to make sure.

You should also think about who will be able to write the most positive recommendation. If your psychology teacher thinks really highly of you, then that could be as valuable as the theatre teacher, though it's really your personal decision because you know your situation best.

One possible workaround is to talk to both teachers and ask one of them (whoever you choose to be your primary) if they could include some comments from the other teacher in order to give the admissions officer more context.


3 months ago

Could you get a recommendation from both teachers?


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