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Can you add recommenders to other colleges after they submit their letters of recommendation?

When I first add a recommender to a college on the Common Application, it sends them an email. Once they open that email and activate their account, they see that my request and a list of all the schools I added them to. We'll call them schools A, B, and C. If they submit their letter, can I add them to schools X, Y, and Z later? or does that not work/would they have to resubmit it again? I already have my top few schools that I know I'm going to apply to, but I'm planning on adding a few more before the start of November just to be on the safe side and want to be sure that it's not going to make my recommenders have to do it twice. Any help/clarification would be greatly appreciated!


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Yes you can add the recommenders later. For each school you add on your list, under the recommenders list, you will be able to see all your recommenders, so you just need to add them to each school, and the same letter will be used for all schools(There is no need to resubmit letters).

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Hi, thank you for asking your question. I wouldn't worry too much. Once you add new schools, your recommender will get another notification that says you want a letter sent. I would confirm with your recommender that they got this new email for the additional schools to make sure they are sent!


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