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Do T20 schools or ivies accept ECE credits?

My school has an ECE program where students can get dual enrollment credits for a college course if we pay 100-200 dollars. It has the same curriculum as the associated course in the state college (UConn in my case) and apparently, "87% of all colleges" will accept the credits. I was wondering if it is worth it to spend almost 200 on college/dual enrollment credits that may or may not be accepted into more competitive schools since I am already taking the ap exam for these classes. Specifically, I know that most ivies don't accept the AP Physics I credit, but I am not sure if they will accept the ECE credit for that course. Same for AP English Language and Composition.

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I don't know about the ECE Program, but because AP Exam registration is currently going on, I just want to point out that you need to pay, or find financial aid to pay for, your AP Exam which typically costs around a 100 dollars. Without givig the exam at the end of the academic year, likely in May, you will not receive credit for college. The exam is like a final exam of sorts and grades you on a scale of 1-5. A 4 or a 5 will get you credit at most colleges, a 3 at some.

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The simple answer is no they do not. In fact, many schools like Yale and Columbia have policies on their websites that outline that they do not accept any form of dual enrollment credit. Furthermore both Brown and Williams do not even accept AP credits to reduce your college graduation requirements. They only are used for placement purposes in higher-level courses. So if you are a math major, you can take Multivariable Calculus right off the bat, instead of repeating Calc II.

Your best option is to take the most rigorous AP course and get As and get 5s on the exams. If you get 5s, with the exception of some of the T20 schools that don't accept APs or have a 6 credit cap on APs, most Ivys and Elites will accept and honor your (5) scores and give you college credit toward graduation. Again, each school is different so you can simply google search "Harvard AP credit" or "Columbia AP credit" and get a link to their website or a .pdf or sometimes and .xls spreadsheet (as in the case of Columbia).

I was accepted to Columbia and had 24 Dual Enrollment college credits and 6 online college credits from U Pitt, and 9 APs. I will get about 12 credits total but it really doesn't matter to me since I actually don't want to graduate from college early. I'm looking forward to each and every class I get to take there, including the core curriculum.

For really clever CT in-state residents the ECE program gives them the opportunity to graduate from UConn early and save a bunch of money since the tuition for ECS is about 85% cheaper ($50 vs $320 per credit).

Good luck.


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