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Should I take AP Spanish Junior year and will learning languages help my college apps?

Ok so context, one of my personal/academic goals is to earn as many seals of biliteracy as I can. I’m pretty confident for Vietnamese (native), Latin (school class), and French (italki lessons, not provided at school) and I wanted to maybe start Spanish in school.

I took Spanish 1 in middle school and right now I’m debating on starting to study in the spring and try to test into AP Spanish in the fall of my junior year. (It sounds like a very lofty goal I know, but my school’s Spanish 1-4 classes are a semester long each and aren’t that hard, at most the Spanish 4 kids are conversational in Spanish). I just want to know if it’s really worth it to do that or I should self study (which idk if I can keep up if I don’t have class everyday and it’s going to be my busiest year) and since it’s a free class provided at my school unlike French, I feel like I should just take this opportunity.

My school provides only 5 periods a day and I’m taking 3 other aps (AP Latin, AP Lang, and AP Calc AB) so with four aps the rest of my classes would just be world history and chem (a semester each, both required) I’m worried that because I didn’t take AP in either of those my course load won’t be rigorous enough to get into competitive schools. Does it even matter?

Also, would all this look good on college applications? I’m not doing all this just for college, I genuinely love learning languages and want to learn as many as I can in my lifetime but it would be nice if it provided some help with applications. I’m not majoring in anything language related (expect maybe a minor in French) but I am going into international business/relations/something international idk (I already have business related ECs) where I can use these skills.

I’m also getting involved in language related extracurriculars like:

-Latin Club

-Latin Honor Society (will apply for a leadership position this year)

-English speaking buddy with a non profit

-if I take Spanish then Spanish club and Spanish honor society

-I’m going to ask and see if I can help out with the ESL program at my school or teach elementary kids English; not sure

-the tests to qualify for my languages (excluding Latin) are gobally certified which idk if it helps

Note: my school is very small and in a rural area so I don’t have as many opportunities, the only languages offered at my school are Spanish and Latin.

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a month ago

You certainly seem to love languages so this seems like a 'green light' go for it vote of support from me.

Having learned multiple languages is always a "plus" versus a minus with admissions readers. Also, I wouldn't worry much about the course rigor because AP English and AP Calc are typically some of the harder APs to do well in and get high test marks on the AP Exams.

With regards to your ECs, you don't have to do 10 to 15 things. Just focus on 4 or 5 of them and do them extremely well. Just my opinion of course.

Good luck.

a month ago[edited]

I recommend you wait until next year to take the AP spanish since you're already taking 3 AP's

a month ago

I would say the decision is up to you. As a current High Schooler in my second year, I take Spanish, German, and French courses. I take Spanish in school and German and French outside. I don't have the decision to study AP classes at the moment. But most schools nowadays require their students to have a second language requirement. If you speak multiple languages, you're pretty set for the future. Taking Spanish or any AP language class gets you more in the flow of the language and culture.


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