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What are the best schools to go to if I want to become an NFL agent?

Also, what are some extracurricular options to prepare me for this career?

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4 years ago

@wallacf gave you some good advice re: extracurriculars, so I'll focus on schools. There are two things I'd look at here.

1) Schools with great sports management programs. This is more likely than not the degree you want. You could also go for business, marketing, or something similar, but sports management will give you the most relevant experience. Niche.com has a good list of programs here: https://www.niche.com/colleges/search/best-colleges-for-sports-management/.

2) Schools with strong athletic programs. This might sound weird at first, but one of the most important factors in becoming an agent is building connections with players. If you can go to a school with a strong athletic program, you might be able to hit the jackpot and connect with some really talented athletes in college. Even if you don't represent them, you can leverage those connections later to gain new clients.

Oftentimes the schools that meet both factors will be flagship state schools, so depending on what state you're in, you may be in luck with regard to cost. (E.g., if you're in Florida, not only is UF one of the best schools for sports management, but it's very inexpensive as colleges go). If you're not in a state with a big athletic flagship, there are a few private colleges that might give out either merit or need-based aid—like UMiami and Rice—but those are less common for this specific degree.

4 years ago

I do not know which schools are best for people who want to become an NFL agent, but I do have some suggestions for what extracurricular you should endure. Since this job requires a law degree I suggest you not only participate in debate team, Pre-Law Society, Model UN, and student government but also hold a high position in these clubs or start one of these clubs at your school if your school does not offer them. Another thing that you could do is get an internship at a law firm, but make sure that your internship has you doing meaningful and important work that you could write about to colleges or will help you better understand what it is like to be a lawyer. Avoid internships that have you doing things such as retrieving coffee because you will not learn anything about what it is like to be a lawyer and you will not be able to write anything meaningful about your internship to colleges. I have also found that lawyers can get published. I suggest you look further into that and see if you find that interesting because getting published is a very impressive extracurricular. Lastly I suggest that you compete in lawyer related competitions and place high in local, state, or national. For selective colleges aim for a high ranking in state or national.

I hope this post helps. Sorry that it was long I was trying to offer multiple extracurriculars that you could chose from.

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