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I'm very confused on the requirements to become a neurosurgeon and other related topics. Below are a few questions I have. It's fine if you can't answer all of them; just answering one will already be a big help! :)

1) Neurosurgeons need to complete 1 year of general surgery + 6-8 years of neurosurgery residency. Does the PGY-1 year of neurosurgery residency fulfill the 1 year general surgery requirement?

2) When I go to med school, should I take an MD program (4-5 yrs) or an MD/PhD (MSTP) program (7-8 yrs) if I intend to be a neurosurgeon? Are the extra years worth the PhD?

3) Do I need to have a fellowship to practice neurosurgery or is that optional?

Thanks in advance for all your help!


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Hi! The MD/PhD is not necessary and will be worth it or not worth it depending on your personal goals. If you really want to do research or want additional qualifications so you can be a high-level medical education professor, then the PhD would be a great way to work on that. If practicing neurosurgery is your main goal, then just the MD program would be fine. I'd recommend talking to people in your life (guidance counselor, family, friends, etc.) about this decision. Hope that helped a bit!


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