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So my counselors aren't familiar with college applications to the US. I have some questions.

1. Do they need to put the school letterhead and stamp on the counselor and teacher recommendations - or just the letterhead - or nothing at all? Can I submit it in white and black? We don't have color printing.

2. I am applying to many schools on the coalition app. What address should they then put on the application letter?

3. The upload said 'written document'. Does that mean the letters have to be handwritten?


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3 years ago[edited]

1. It totally depends on your school; if your school does not accept writing the recommendation on the letterhead or put the stamp, it's absolutely fine. In my case, I am an international student, and my school rejected to write on the letterhead and put the stamp. So, I contacted admission counselors of three colleges to which I am applying and all of them provided me with the same response: it is not a problem. I am not only applying to those three colleges, but since they told me it is ok, I believe it won't be a problem for other colleges too. My counselor and teachers submitted the letters without letterhead and stamp. Since it won't be on the school letterhead or it won't contain a stamp, I suggest you ask your recommenders to write their contact number and email address in the designation part of the letter. This can help the admission officer to contact them if they have any doubts regarding the letter (they can contact to confirm whether it is official or not). And yes, you need to submit them in black and white.

2. There is no need to address someone specific in the letter. It can just be written directly without addressing.

3. It is based on the teacher. The letter can be written by hand or it can be typed and printed. But, the admission officer who is reading the letter may face difficulty while reading if the letter is handwritten. Because the officer may not understand the handwriting. So, I suggest you ask your recommenders to type the letter, print it, sign it, and then submit the scanned copy.

I hope this helps!

3 years ago

I believe that your teachers or counselors should just send them an email, and no they don't have to be handwritten.

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