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How do I get into MIT?

I am a rising freshman attending the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology next year, and I am really interested in the paths I have to take in order to be a strong applicant for MIT.

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2 years ago

MIT looks at 11,000 applicants per year. And they only accept 829. That means the 829 accepted must've stood out from the ten thousand others that got rejected. Keep in mind a lot of MIT applicants look at run-of-the-mill applicants (Marching band, JV sport, student council...) These people don't really feel different compared to the thousands of others. What you must do is strike a chord in the admission officer. You need to make the admission officers remember you, compared to the thousands of others applying. Otherwise, you'll just be stuck in the lottery or the game of chance. How do you strike a chord? Be specialized at something. These top schools want people who will change the world... and people who change the world are dedicated to what they do. Now, what are you specialized at? Find something you do not to get into MIT, but something you genuinely love and you're good at. If it's STEM, don't do literature-related activities. Focus on STEM and make the deepest accomplishments possible in STEM. If it's literature, don't do STEM-related activities. Focus on literature and make the deepest accomplishments possible in literature. Make your topic of specialization your application theme, or personal narrative. Make it unique, thoughtful, and authentic. This will make you accepted to almost all the prestigious colleges- being specialized and making deep accomplishments in a specific field.


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