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A few questions about athletics......

1.) I play zero sports. While I do currently have more than ten academic activities, sports are not included in my extracurricular portfolio. Will this affect my admissions chances? (Dream schools- Upenn, Dartmouth, Cornell, UVA: 29%, 32%, 35%, 59%)

2.) Can you get recruited for academics? (Ex. quiz bowl) If so, how do I find opportunities in that area?

Thanks so much!


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18 days ago

Hey there! Like you, I have many academic EC's, but no sports. I've been looking for softball and volleyball teams in my area using https://www.sportsengine.com/

Not being involved in sports doesn't affect your admissions chances. Sports are just one way to get recruited in college or just for fun. You can always get involved in sports in college without sports experience. For example, you could be a walk-on, or you can join the club and do intramural sports.

You can get recruited for academics, but you can also receive academic recognition. For example, if you had outstanding grades and EC's in college, some schools could be willing to give you a full-ride scholarship to their school!

Quiz bowl is an academic club you must try out for. You must have a certain GPA. But here's the cool thing! Consider being on Quiz Bowl as an academic sport. Quiz bowl may be popular among the "nerds" in school, but it's open for everyone! Schools offer a certain amount of money each year you play. So can you get recruited for academics? Yes! Quiz Bowl is the way to go!

17 days ago

Not playing sports is like not submitting an SAT or ACT score. If you don't submit a standardized test score, all colleges say that your evaluation will be based on a holistic process. To me, that is the most politically correct "lip service" colleges state without actually stating the obvious which is "your application will be given a holistic review and compared to what our institutional needs and goals are for a well-balanced college class".

If a college participates in D1 or D3 Varsity sports, then you already know that 15-20% of the admits are going to be either be recruited to play those sports or be giving preferential consideration if they do not give out sports scholarships. That puts anyone who doesn't play sports at a disadvantage. Sports are so important to some Top20 schools that colleges even bend the admissions requirements for such applicants. If you are an East Asian, the opposite might be true because of affirmative action.

So a recruitable athlete might get into an Ivy League school with a 1350 SAT score and a 3.7 GPA and a Chinese Female without any athletic ability might need a 1550 and 4.0 to cross the admit committee line.

To answer your last question, you are not going to find any college that specifically recruits students for academics. Ivy's and Elites assume everyone admitted is smart. You will be able to get merit scholarships for your academic narrative but not at the Top 20 schools. UVA would be an example of a good school that gives merit scholarships if you are Ivy Caliber in stats.

Good Luck.


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