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How do I check if I gain admission in Hanover college

I just applied into Hanover college

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Accepted Answer
3 months ago

From Hanovers' website:

Early Admission (non-binding): Candidates whose applications are complete by December 1 will be notified of the college's admission decision by December 20 (Some applicants may be deferred to the Regular Admission period in order for the college to receive additional information).

Therefore you will find out by 12/20/21.

Good luck

3 months ago

Hello, firstly, have you checked the Hanover's website? Go to their website and check the admission timeline so you know when will you get the notice of your application. If you apply for the Early Action/Decision, you can expect a decision in around December, and if you apply for the Regular Decision, the result usually will come out in the March. If you can't find the information in their website, feel free to contact them through their e-mail!


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