2 years ago
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who's rec letter should I submit? any way to submit an additional one?

My EA school only accepts one optional teacher recommendation letter, so I have to choose between my math and physics teacher

I'm applying as a chemical and biomolecular engineering major, so I thought my physics teacher would be a better idea

but I realized my two main activities are talked about by my math teacher. Still, these activities aren't really engineering related (volunteer and chem club)

who would you recommend to submit as the teacher recommender?

Or is there a way to submit an additional LoR to the school?


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2 years ago

If they only accept one letter, there likely isn't a way to submit another. You might be able to do it under "other recommenders" if using the Common App, but I'm not sure how that would work with it still being another teacher. Even so, I hear a lot that if there is a required amount, the school will almost never look at the optional extras. I feel like the same could be applied here— I doubt if they don't even require one, and only allow one extra, that they would want to (or even bother to) read more than just that one letter.

As for whose letter to submit, ask yourself which teacher knows you better, not necessarily which teacher you like better (or you participate in more activities under). Don't worry about the subject that the teacher teaches too much either, schools are looking more at what they think of you as a person/student regardless of their subject matter.

I can't tell you which teacher to go with because I don't know your personal relationship with each one, but my advice would be to go with your gut and choose the teacher of the two whom you feel will speak higher of you in a better manner. Hope this helps, good luck!!

2 years ago

I think you should go with your math teacher because they do know about your activities and even though the activities aren't related to the major you're applying to they can still help in a way. Math is universal although you're most likely going to need physics you're going to need more math than physics for Chemical and biomolecular engineering or at least from my understanding.

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