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Are their financial aid groups for homeschoolers? (like 21st Century Scholar)?

I'm a junior that takes two classes at a public school & five independently. My original financial aid was coming from 21st Century Scholar, but now that I'm homeschooled I need another version of that for my new demographic.

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There absolutely are !!! My first piece of advice would be to double-check that you cannot apply for scholarships that many public schoolers are applying to just because you're homeschooled (such as bold.org, College Board, etc.). After checking this out, I'd recommend just doing a simple google search of “scholarships for homeschooled high schoolers” and see what comes up! After doing that search, I found a really good link that I'll attach here: https://www.top10onlinecolleges.org/scholarships-for/home-schooled-students/

I hope that this helps, good luck with applying for these!! :)

• 10 days ago

Have you tried My Tech High? If you enroll then you get the money your school would have invested in your education.


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