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Should I transfer? AP/IB/dual enrollment

Hello! I’m really indecisive and currently lost.

A little background, I’m a sophomore going to be a junior in the next school year. I know that junior year one is the most important year out of all of high school. My school is a project-based school that doesn't offer any APs/IBs, but do offer college classes. One at a nearby community college, and one where you can take at a Cal State (my school is on their campus). I had always come to this school with a bad mindset, in ways where I would always compare their curriculum to "normal highschools" and yet I decided to stay. My freshman and sophomore year was really a waste of time, meaning the teachers were not good, these classes were more like review rather than actually helping me learn and grow my knowledge and classes were not weighted (out of 4.0 scale). Overall, the students here were already naturally smart, which made me lose confidence in myself and I had already accepted the fact that I will never stand. Plus all of the teachers taught us that getting a C in a class is OKAY, causing me not to try my best, and rather worry about our presentations that I wasn't passionate about. I was worried about our presentations more than my overall grade (since I am not again naturally good at presenting compared to students at my school.)

So my problem is this,

I’m choosing between transferring to a regular IB based highschool, or staying at my current high school where they offer college classes (dual enrollment and special admit) but DONT offer honors or APs (my high school has a set schedule for everyone because they want us to meet the A-G requirements for UCs and Cal States). The thing is I don't know which will benefit me more, or how dual enrollment and IB classes work. my current goal is to raise my SAT score, but my only concern with that is if I DO transfer to the high school with an IB program, the course load of an IB won’t let me study as much for the SAT.

No matter how much I contact the counselors at my current school, they never respond. Even when I try to ask about the college program. So my questions are

- How does dual enrollment work?

- What and how do IB classes work?

- How do they transfer to colleges? And does it work with any type of college? (ex: Cal States, UCs, or West Coast University, a nursing based school)

- Which college classes are the most beneficial?

- Does doing dual enrollment actually "complete" your first year of college?

- Should I transfer to the IB based school or stay at the dual enrollment program (college class)

- Which is more beneficial IB or the dual enrollment program?

sorry if it's really long!

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I have just recently started doing dual enrollment. The basic thing is that you have to fill out a couple of forms. Make sure your high school is OK with this because they have to sign the form as well. To get these classes for free, you have to prove residency. My mom used past tax forms for me. The form is usually called "dual enrollment and memorandum of understanding" or something along those lines. I don't know how IB classes work. For dual enrollment, if you complete the IGETC, which is a form for general education, you can complete your general education before you go to college. If you want to transfer to a UC or CSU, dual enrollment is by far your best option. I know this isn't a lot of information, but it's all I know.


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