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I am currently doing A levels in my Country. It is a post-high school program of nine months (I will be completing it in July/August) next year. Please what is the equivalent to it in the US coalition application? Also, what is the academic equivalent in the CSS profile? I can't find anything anywhere.


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Hi! After quickly looking it up, it appears that A-levels are closest to what are known as AP (Advanced Placement) exams in the US. These are classes that are taken that give you the knowledge you need to take the exam, and are backed by the College Board. What this means is that if you pass the exam, you are awarded college credit towards that subject for when you progress to the college level. For example, I took AP English Language and passed my AP exam, so it is very unlikely I will have to take an English class my freshman year of college.

However, it also says that there is nothing that is “exactly equivalent,” but that this was your closest bet.

Here's the article I found with the quick answer: https://www.crimsoneducation.org/us/blog/admissions-news/a-levels-grades/#:~:text=For%20those%20considering%20US%20universities,Levels%20are%20the%20AP%20examinations.

And another with more detail: https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-American-equivalent-of-A-Level

I hope that this helps you, good luck with A levels next year!! :)

a month ago

Hi there @Meggy,

When you submit your transcript to colleges via the Coalition App, they will be able to see your A level scores. You would also input these in your Additional Test Scores section manually.

The American level in this case would be the Advanced Placement exams. If you feel your application input does not capture what you are trying to convey, you can always contact the admissions office for help on filling out the app, or include more details in the Additional Information section.

Hope this helps!


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