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Congressional Award

Hey y’all! Do college admissions really care about the Silver Congressional Award? In other words, will it help my application?

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5 days ago[edited]

I had honestly never heard of this award until I read your question! But after researching it, I would say yes, it is pretty significant! It appears to be the only award that congress gives out that is like this, which will speak volumes on an application to set you apart. Along with that, you reached silver level for yours, which is very impressive! I would say definitely add it on there (and I personally would keep it towards the top for achievements and such, since they ask you rank them in order of how important you feel they personally are). It certainly can't hurt you at this point! I hope this helps, good luck!! :)

(Here's the article I found with general info that might be helpful: (https://admissionsight.com/congressional-volunteer-award/)

4 days ago

Yes! Any award is a good award to add, regardless of if they care or not. It will definitely help not harm you.

5 days ago

Yes, I think that award would be highly regarded and you might as well include it. Also, this website talks about the award and says it is highly regarded among colleges. https://www.crosswalk.com/family/homeschool/congressional-awards-americas-best-kept-secret-1144304.html


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