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Should I send SAT scores?

Hi! Is it fine to send SAT scores to colleges, even if I decide later to not apply there?

My SAT is in a few days, and I'm on the fence about whether I'm going to apply this year or not, because of the situation in my country(I'm an international student). I'm thinking about waiting another year to apply. So if I do decide to wait, should I send the SAT score this time or not? Because I might even end up applying this year, so please help me out :)


@celiaoleary2810 days ago

If you have good SAT scores then go for it! If you don’t apply test optional and you can always retake the SAT!

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Thanks :)

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11 days ago

It is completely fine to submit scores to colleges even if you end up not applying! However, most colleges allow you to self-report your scores, meaning that you would not have to send them an official score report for your application. Therefore, it most likely is not worth it to spend money on sending score reports to schools unless you are sure that you are applying and certain that the schools require official score reports. I suggest using your free score sends!

11 days ago

Personally, I wouldn't worry about submitting your scores! I say this for a few reasons. First, if you end up doing not as well as you wanted to, obviously don't submit it then since that will not help your application. Secondly, schools may decide to make next year SAT optional again. In that case, unless you are a really (and I mean REALLY good test taker, like 1350+) I wouldn't recommend applying with the SAT unless mandatory, especially if you have a strong GPA, essay, ECs, ROCs, etc. Lastly, it has been an option for all of my schools this year to self submit, which is free. So with that in mind, I wouldn't worry too much about turning them in right now. However, you still definitely can! There is nothing stopping you, and you are technically allowed to do so. I hope this helps, good luck!! :)

11 days ago

Hi, thank you for asking your question! I agree with the advice of those who have already responded to this question -- if you are able to self-report your SAT scores, then go ahead and do that.

Even if you decide to submit your SAT score this year, know that your admissions file will likely still be there at the University for the next year, meaning you may not even have to re-submit your SAT score next year. Of course, to double check this, I would recommend reaching out to your school of interest to find out if this is possible.

Hope this helps!


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