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If I apply Early App. and get deferred, can I change my college essay for Regular Application?

I'm applying to several schools for EA and while I think my college essay is solid, if I get deferred I would like to either edit it or submit a completely new one. Is this allowed through the common app or regular college apps, or would colleges discourage this? This may be a dumb question but I would appreciate any insight :)


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4 days ago[edited]

Hi, thank you for asking your question. I agree with @Kaitlyn5394 here. Unfortunately, if you get deferred during EA and are put into the RD pool of applicants you cannot completely change your application and re-submit. That being said, there is a positive aspect to this! You are able to send an email to the admissions personnel for your reason, which could include a letter of intent and/or updated resume of your recent accomplishments. This will provide some new information for the admissions committee to make their decision on during your deferred admissions review.

I would recommend reading this article about how you should approach your deferral. Specifically the "Deferral Action Plan" section.

Hope this helps!

4 days ago

Hi, this is not a dumb question at all! I actually had to look this one up because I wasn't 100% sure either, haha. In short, no, you cannot resubmit or edit your essay. This is because you already submitted your application. You are not completely resubmitting your application for Regular Decision, you are simply being pushed back until then. Here is the article I found on it: https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/t/can-i-edit-my-commonapp-essays-if-i-get-deferred-from-a-school/1958884

I hope that this is helpful to you and that I explained it well, good luck! :)


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