4 years ago
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Should I mention my team?

So I am a member of a constant top 20 school in NSDA rankings. It’s a team of just about 80 people and I have no leadership position on it. But in congress (my primary event) I was to compete at state and Nat Quals but they were cancelled.

Out of the roughly 8 other people in congress I’m about 3rd/4th on the depth chart so to speak.

For those unfamiliar congress is a solo event.

@whynir4 years ago

ahaha let's go! a speech and debate nerd, we love to see it! also rip nats being cancelled... i was really looking forward to that. i'd love to answer your question but... i'm not really sure what your question is. should you mention your team for what?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@DebaterMAX4 years ago

i mean mention it as im part of a nationally ranked group despite competing solo

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4 years ago[edited]

Hiya! Still not entirely sure of your question but I'll try to answer it based on what I think it is. I did speech in high-school so it might be a bit different than debate, but (each tournament is a bit different so let's take the state meet for example) for speech, while most events are individual, the way a team would win the tournament is by adding up the points earned by each individual in the final round. So, while we did compete individually, ultimately there was some team element to it. And either way, regardless of how debate is scored, the NSDA points you acquired while on the team contributed to your school's top-20 ranking while you were on the team.

That being said, if you were a member of your school's speech & debate team for your four years, or even three years of high school, I would consider mentioning in my extracurriculars something to the effect of "Four-year member of a consistently top-20 NSDA school." Since while you were competing individually, you still contributed to your team's success.

Ultimately, I think it's a pretty trivial decision whether to mention your team or not, it won't make or break your application.

(Hopefully, this is what you were looking for.)

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