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Are my Extracurriculars good enough?

I am a 9th grade student in India (U.S. citizen)

In U.S. —

- I have volunteered for 120+ hours for an Art Gallery in the U.S. and will also get a LOR for it.

- I got into the honor roll and the distinguished honor roll in the U.S.

In India —

- My average percentage is 94 (9th grade)

- I plan to give AP Psych and AP English Lang

- I was the Vice President of the Writing club of my school (only 11th graders could be president)

- I also started a blog with all the articles of the participants in it.

- I was involved in the public speaking club (no significant involvement)

- I won Most Promising Deligate in an MUN.

- I had 2nd class rank in National Science Olympiad.

- I will take part in National competitions for netball (date not there yet)

- I won 3 bronze medals for swimming competitions in my school and also went on a national competition (no medals in that one tho :( )

- I was involved in a writing club outside of school with 60 members (didn't start it, was just a member)

- I intered with them twice (unpaid) and got a LOR.

- My articles have been published in the school magazine.

- I also have a blog of my own.

- I won 1st place in drawing and writing competitions in my school.

- I won 1st place in advertisement campaign, and 2nd place in the skit competition in my school.

- I was involved in the public speaking club.

I want to pursue math and physics but can't seem to find an extracurricular for it since I am only in 9th grade. Can someone help? Also am I on the right track with the above ECs? I am still in 9th grade so I guess I have time to improve. :(

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First off, WOW! You have a TON of amazing extracurriculars. I think that you are being too hard on yourself. You are only in 9th grade and you have more ECs than I do as a senior! I'm beyond impressed. With this being said, my advice would be, if you are already too busy or overwhelmed with all of this, please don't take on more! Believe me when I say that if you do this, you will eventually burn out (it's happening to me right now, unfortunately). Even if you aren't, taking some time off to rest and discover yourself is also very important!

If after reading this you still want to forge ahead with adding more to your plate, then there is always certainly more you can add. If you want to pursue math or science, there are often many science fairs. Try googling "science fairs/competitions near me" and see what comes up! I would also recommend a math competition team or club if you have one in your school. If you don't have these, what about starting a club that falls into one of these categories, with administrative approval? That would look great on an application. And what about a foreign language like Spanish, German, French, etc.? Perhaps a club in this area would be good as well!

My last thought to keep in mind is if you know what you want to major in in college, try to focus your ECs around that. For example, if you are interested in writing, I wouldn't worry about putting too much EC emphasis on science and math since that is not what you are necessarily interested in pursuing in life. I hope that this helps, best of luck to you!! :)


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