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If you got into Barnard College or Northeastern, what would you say was the strongest part of your application?

I applied to both Barnard College and Northeastern University. If you've been accepted to either of these schools, what do you think you did to make it in? Did you have a good essay? A ton of extracurriculars? Did you have a good GPA? Great ACT/SAT scores?

I'm sort of just trying to compare myself to accepted students to see what I might have in common. I don't hear back from either school until April and I'm going a little crazy. I just want to know what other people thought made them stand out against other applicants.

You don't have to list your actual grades/extracurriculars/scores! I'm not necessarily asking for specifics. Just wondering what you thought the "icing" on top of your application cake was.



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2 years ago

As another senior who just went through this process, I want to say good job on getting all the applications in. It was definitely a tough process for me, so I can relate.

I know it's a little nerve-wracking to wait and hear back from schools, but don't drive yourself crazy! You've done all you can do now that you've applied. Comparing yourself to other students might only make you go more crazy :). Everyone's "icing" is going to be a bit different (or they may not even have "icing") - but the icing isn't the only thing that results in an acceptance, there is so much that goes into an application and so much that goes on behind the scenes at colleges. It's really out of your hands right now.

I'd say the best thing to do now is just try to relax, keep working hard in class, and enjoy the rest of your senior year! That's really what you can control :)

2 years ago

Look at prepscholar and see their gpa and sat/act averages


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