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Are my Extra Curriculars good enough?

I am an 11th grade student from India and I intend to pursue Comp Sci/Science majors. Up until the 10th grade, I was fully focused on getting educated in my own country, so I didn't pay attention to ECs. However, only in 11th grade did I change to applying in the US.

My primary ECs :

1) Music - I will have finished 2 to 3 levels of Trinity College of London exams for piano

I have been uploading piano covers on YouTube for some time now and will have a decent amount of views and videos up on the channel.

2) I am almost done with my own full length fiction book which I intend to publish on Amazon.

3) I played zonal (city level) badminton back in 9th and 10th grade but the pandemic halted all the tournaments and I do no intend to continue with the sport - I have lost touch and won't be able to achieve much within the given timeframe.

4) I intend to do quite some volunteering at orphanages, animal shelters, etc

5) I am an avid coder and intend to finish at least one major coding project by the time I apply.

6) I also am proficient in Ethical Hacking and Ethical Hacking using Python; I have scored 95+ on most major Comp Sci tests/ examinations up until now.

7) I am going to give AP Calculus, AP Comp Sci, AP Chem and AP Physics.

That is pretty much it. There is a lot of "intent" in the above ECs but I'm going to make sure I achieve most, if not all, of what I mentioned above.

How exactly do I stack up here?

P.S I heard that admission officers in most Universities differentiate Extra Curriculars which you have a genuine passion for and those which you did just to get into College. Since a lot of my ECs will be happening in the next one and a half year, will some of my ECs get invalidated?

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3 years ago

In general, your EC list seems pretty solid! The one thing this resume seems to be missing is some leadership experience. Most of your activities (self-publishing a book, doing a self-driven coding project, playing piano) sound basically like things you've done on your own. Being the president of a club or starting your own club or organization (or business or non-profit, of course) would help bring this resume to the next level. Additionally, some regional or state-wide (or better) recognition for an achievement would look great. You could enter coding competitions, hackathons, or piano competitions, just to name a few examples. Good luck!

3 years ago

Your ECs are impressive and some are incredible to my ears. If you are passionate about a specific EC focus on that. Do not feel the need t publish a book or complete a major coding project unless you want to. Also none of your ECs will be invalidated what so ever.

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