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Admission to University of Southern California

I am an Indian student (12th just started, batch 2021) currently preparing for JEE, an entrance examination for an Indian engineering college. I have recently started to acquaint myself with admission to U.S. colleges, especially USC. I plan for a CS major. I am not quite able to decipher the college website about submitting the college application. Here are my queries regarding it:

1. When submitting through common app, do we have to submit a common app essay as well? I know there are 2 supplemental USC essays (2 more for CS) with 12 short answers. Anything extra?

2. I would have my education completed upto 12th with English as the medium of instruction. I will also take the SAT, which will further prove my proficiency.

Do I need any additional English tests?

3. In our country, there is no 'GPA' system. We get a solid percentage in almost every exam. How are these GPAs calculated, which will be considered in the admission process?

4. Any additional info- which I (an international student) should be aware of....? :)



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2 years ago

Yes you have to submit a common app essay.

Being on the safer side give TOEFL or IELTS as it is sometimes required for visa purpose as well as many Universities require it and in them. SAT is not a English proficiency test infact it is to show your basic standard and apptitude.

Yes I know there is no GPA in many countries but your percentage could always be compared to a 4.0 or 5.0 scale and your GPA could be calculated go to your counselor or visit any website.

Keep working on your profile and visit colleges sites to get additional requirements. Better mention for financial aid while applying to the university if you want it.



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