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CMU ACT Score Policy

Does anyone know what the ACT Score Policy is for CMU? I emailed one of the counselors and they said you needed to send all ACT Tests you've ever taken to them. I've taken five with one of them being in 7th grade. So do I need to send all five of these tests (paying $80)? Also, if I haven't sent my ACT scores in by now, is it too late, or is there still time?


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This is what CMU says:

"We're interested in the general pattern of your scores but will give the most weight to the highest score you've received on any of the exams."

Note that Carnegie Mellon is interested in the "general pattern" of your scores—i.e., when they went up, when they went down, and what your overall ACT score ranges are. This is typical for schools that require all scores. That being said, the highest score you receive will be given the most weight.

"We believe that college admission testing in the 9th and 10th grades adds to the anxiety of a process that students won’t encounter for several years. As a result, we’re generally not in favor of any 9th or 10th grade SAT or ACT scores (although tests taken the summer after 10th grade are appropriate). While they may measure knowledge at the time the tests are taken, that level of knowledge gradually degrades and doesn’t fully represent the knowledge students bring to college first-year courses. Should students present tests taken two or more years in advance of their first-year experience, we'd take the timing of the test results into consideration. The greater the amount of time prior to students' first year of college, the less we can rely on the test results as a fair representation of their knowledge entering Carnegie Mellon."

So according to the CMU website, I would only submit the ACT test you took the Summer After 10th grade until now, and I would not submit anything from 7th-10th grade.

I don't know whether that means 1 or 2 tests for you but that's all you should submit.

Good luck

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Good question! It's probably worth another call to the admissions officers to clarify if they want ALL scores or only scores from the tests you took in high school.


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