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What should I write my college essay about?

Hello, so I'm a senior and some of my colleges applications are due November 1. But I have been stuck on mi essay topic for months. I have various topics that I'd like to talk about, but I don't which one will be the best. Below are all the topics that I wanted to talk about. Hope you can help me thank you!

How life in the US changed me and impacted me
My love for my country
My love for my hobby and how has that helped me
the most traumatized thing that happened and how it change me
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3 months ago

I would argue that the topic matters less than whether you can successfully use your voice and share something unique, interesting, and special about yourself that is NOT EVIDENT in the rest of your application. It is the main freeform opportunity to stand on the podium and say "this is me", "this is what makes me tick", "this is why I do what I do", and "this is how you should look at me and connect the dots from all the mundane stats and numerical values assigned to me from my report cards, test scores, etc etc". For admissions officers, after you've successfully passed the academic index (grades/test scores/etc) it is the main event for them to vote you in or out.


3 months ago

Polling for the best essay topic is not what you should be doing. I think this could potentially lead you down the wrong path because random HS kids voted. I would stop and do some serious research and watch some professionals on youtube who can give you better tools for how to approach your essay.


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