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Is it too late to start thinking of the Ivy League?

I am currently a sophomore in high school and I have done well academically from freshman year up to right now. My concern although, has to do with extracurriculars. I have had a limited amount of top tier extracurriculars with the exception of one Tier A. I have done lots of research on students that have been accepted to Ivy League schools, and the similarity that I have found with most of the students was a wide variety and dedication to numerous volunteer groups, internships, and involvement in after school activities. I would like to start getting more involved, but there are a limited amount of ways I can accomplish this goal with the current situation. Is there any suggestions as to what I could do to help get more involved? Is it too late to start getting involved now?

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4 years ago

young man, this is the correct time of thinking about it.....use different social medias like reddit quora.....you can get admission ivy.....it was late for me because i worked for ivy when i was doing a level.......try different olympiad

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Hello my friend,

First of all shake it off the load of extracurricular just try to identify which course you wanna get into search for introductional skills on it.

Next step be honest to yourself.

Just take out a whole day from your schedule to buy a diary and write your action plan ,aspirations, things at which you are good at and all your options (backup or other exams which u wish to give) if not ivy league for any unforeseen circumstances. Talk with your parents about your plan and how will it benefit you.See they always try to understand you but when they think it is something in which you may suffer then they just get carried away with their concern.

Remember do not fight or force it on them but keep on working your profile and arrange counselling session for them.

Now come your answer just prepare for Athletics (race) your state board must be connducting many such events each year seek all the information dedicate your morning hours for it wake up at 6 or 5 and go to a field nearby prepare for race . Contact to a ped teacher he will help you. All basic skills which you discovered find the one which you can manage at first download the edx platform go search them and you will find many courses it is not necessary to get a certificate always but just gasp the knowledge. Congratulations Harvard had put forth 67 free courses and even for non Harvard students so please do check it . Download coursera find matching courses on it audit them and gasp them. Go to internshala and you will get a lot of interships without paying to them just fill the details correctly and sign up apply to a lot of interships and someone will for sure chose you. For community work do not worry just be yourself if you can then do it else seek for a paid certificate from a NGO. You can also ask for letter of recommendation from your recruiter. Make a LinkedIn account and follow some professors( those in whose course you are In online ) and connect with them. Share each of your achievement and scorecard from class 9. Be prepared to write essays in your 12th in August start increasing your vocabulary.go to collegeboard.com and make a student account and one on Khan academy prepare for SAT and SAT subjects.If your budget allows do AP's as well mark they are of no use if not given in 12 at they are taken once in ayear in May only.Make a choronalogical calendar for your event and dates of registration and exam dates course starts and ends.

While doing all this do not forget your studies be strict and honest with yourself and do your best in academics.


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