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Submitting SAT Scores

I got a 1460 on the SAT and im unsure if I should submit to Duke. I plan on applying early decisiom.

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3 years ago[edited]

If I were applying to Duke ED and scored a composite 1460, I'd probably not submit it because it's a borderline 25% percentile score. Honestly, I don't know what the 50% percentile range for ED at DUKE was for the Class of 25' but if had to guess it was 1500/1580 because 2 years ago it was 1480/1570 for the Class of 23'. This cycle it's bound to be the same or higher. If 1460 was my Superscore, I'd be even less inclined to report it.

I also know that 44% of applicants didn't submit either the SAT or ACT. But I don't know what the % of admits had test scores. If I had to guess about 50%. I'm sharing this because unlike MIT, Georgetown, UPenn, or most of the Ivys, Duke accepted a lot without test scores. This is not the case with Ivys.

One thing you should understand about applying early. At Harvard, MIT, Yale, or Stanford, you have self-selecting pools of the most qualified applicants trying to lock up their number 1 choice. So for argument's sake say this year MIT is getting 15000 EA apps, Harvard and Stanford 10000 each, and Yale 8000. That means that 43,000 of the smartest applicants are all vying for a spot when there are only 3000 seats. That means the pool of ED applicants at Dartmouth, Duke, Cornell, and Rice, etc is less competitive because you are not competing against all the Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Stanford students. So your odds are much improved during ED at Duke versus RD at Duke. Many of the 40,000 applicants who got deferred or rejects EA to those 4 schools and all the other Ivys and Elites are applying to Duke RD so now the pool becomes a free for all in January. That's why the admit rate for Duke RD is 4.3 % It's because all the big sharks are swimming in the RD tank and there weren't any sharks in the ED tank.

So my best advice is not to report the score and apply ED.

Good luck with whichever you decide to do.

3 years ago

As someone else mentioned, your test score is below average for Duke, so I would suggest not submitting. Use the other parts of your application to make up for the missing test score, ie. great essays and transcript as well as good teacher recs. If you really want to go to Duke, I'd suggest applying ED as your chances are better then as compared to RD, especially with no test score.

3 years ago

Hi! Duke's average SAT score is a 1480-1570. With this being said, I would say you probably shouldn't submit just because your score is below the average. However on the other hand, there are also a TON of students applying SAT optional this year. With this in mind, even though you scored 20 points lower, it might be worth it to submit because they would actually have a number to compare the rest of the candidates to aside from GPA, LORs, etc.

Sorry I can't give you a straight-forward answer necessarily, but I hope this helps! Good luck :)

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