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SAT scores not great, should I submit?

I scored 1450 on my SAT and plan on applying to Northwestern for my ED. Should I report the score?

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While a 96% percentile SAT score is INDEED a fine score, I would refrain from calling it a great score for Northwestern. According to their own website, the admit class from 2 years ago when the acceptance rate was 9.3% had a middle SAT score of 1460-1540 and it was probably higher last year because of test-optional policies. Usually, those who submit test scores at test-optional colleges are confident with their high scores so that is why UChicago has has such high SAT/ACT stats since it went test-optional over 3 years ago. So if NW has an admit rate of 6.8% and mostly the high scorers submitted test scores, then my best guess at SAT/ACT numbers for the class of 2025 would be 1480-1560 and 34/35. And it might be very much the same or higher this cycle.


I'm not sure how many admits at NW submitted test scores last cycle. 61% submitted an SAT and 53% submitted an ACT for the Class of 2024, for a total of 104% because some submitted both. But for last year I imagine that 30-40% didn't submit anything.

I would certainly never discourage anyone from applying to their school of choice. I only point this out so you can determine whether your application looks better with the 1450 or without it.

(I love the previous poster's enthusiasm. I just don't agree with the logic in their statements, and they don't cite any source to back them up either).

Good luck.

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Collegevine’s chancing simulator can also tell you for each school whether or not you should submit your SAT score and tells you your admissions chances with and without, so be sure to check that out.

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First off, that’s a great score, you should be proud! Second, it’s usually better to submit SAT or ACT scores when applying, as it shows that you are dedicated to your education. This is especially true when it comes to the more selective schools, and adding in your score, especially if you did well, will only help you. Go for it, showing your smarts isn’t going to hurt!


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