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What to do???

Hello ,

I am a student.

I have learned a lot in programming only but not worked on any projects apart from winning a app development competition. My class ten percentage was 96.4%,in 9th and 11th I got more than 80but less than 85. I look forward to study abroad in USA in a good college and get a outstanding placement. I got 1490 in SAT. I will also take SAT subjects. I am going in with CS50 by Harvard these months and will publish an mobile application on play store to this year.

Pls suggest any improvement in my profile as well.

I wish to persue a Computer Science degree.

Now my problem is can anyone give me a list suitable for according to the information above and below?I depend totally upon education loan from Indian Banks one question is that also what is the amount of loan I'll receive and one question is that also is there any international loan service which can provide me with financial aisistance . My parents can only manage to pay an extra of 4.5 lakhs INR. I want to know that the Universities you suggest me how will they financially aid me and how can I persue my plan for its financial aid and also will that University admit me and supposing I get a 25000 lakh INR of loan. Plz do suggest Universities which will give me a good career. Plz do give your review on full sail University's computer science course and future placements. While suggesting plz consider ranking and placements also.

Plz make a long list about 50 Universities if possible or atleat 20.

Plz tell me which Universities should I look for depending upon my requirements and there scholarship's and grants and internships and Do explain me what to do in order to get into them and how the financial aid works there or what is the maximum amount of grant which they can give?


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Your profile looks very strong, I would recommend you get a SAT score of more than 1530 in order to have a good chance of getting into the colleges listed below. Also you should take the SAT Math 2 Subject Test if you are planning on pursuing a degree in CS.

(Ranked, starting from the best)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - (This is also a need blind college, which means that they will financially support you depending on how much your family earn)

California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Stanford (Good financial aid)

Harvard (Need blind for all applicants)

Carnegie Mellon

University of California, Berkeley

Princeton (Need blind for all applicants)

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)

Cornell University (Generous financial aid)

University of Washington

University of Texas, Austin

University of Illinois, Urbana, Champaign

Columbia (Generous financial aid)

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

University of California, San Diego

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