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I want to go to med school but don’t want to take maths is it okay to do so?

Is it okay if I take bio, chem and business studies


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2 months ago[edited]

Not really. If you really want to go to med school you are going to have to go to a good college first. To get into a good college you are going to have to compete with a lot of applicants that have 4 years of high school math including Calculus and 4 years of science including Physics. You see, you need to understand physics to be a good doctor because the human body is a complicated system and lots of things are working in conjunction like electrical systems, fluid systems, and chemicals and compounds. So if you don't understand the principle of fluid dynamics or electricity and magnetism, you are not going to be a good doctor. Unfortunately, Physics Mechanics requires a solid understanding of Calculus to complete the coursework. So you need to take Calculus either in high school or in college.

Some schools like the Ivys require or prefer that you have 4 years of STEM (2 labs sciences), 4 years of Math, 4 years of English, 3 years of history, and 3/4 years of a foreign language. If you skimp out on your course rigor, you will not be a very competitive applicant to a good college.

Medicine is a multi-disciplinary profession, you have to be good at a lot of things. Even if you are a general practitioner, you need to use math every day to figure out what's going on with your patients.

The simplest thing you will do as a doctor is to prescribe meds. And to do that you use calculus.


And here is a link explaining that you need Physics to apply to medical school.


There are no shortcuts to becoming a doctor.

Good Luck


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