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Common App Personal Essay!

Which do you find easier to write?

Topic of your choice
An event that was challenging
An interest you have
something special about you
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a month ago

What is the purpose of this poll? It makes no sense. What other people write as a personal topic essay should have no bearing on what you decide to write about. What if the most significant event in your life was getting your leg amputated or emancipating from your abusive parents or getting molested as child, and that trauma set you on a path for self-healing, self-discovery, and helping others, are you seriously going to write about your love of skateboarding because "an interest you have" is the most popular topic other people right about. I hope not.

🎤a month ago

Alright I was just wondering what people prefer. It is not going to impact on what I decide to write about. If anything I have already written mine so... you have a good day.


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