3 years ago
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My sport is not on the Common App.

I was updating my activity section if my Common App. and I tried to in eSports under “Athletics: JV/Varsity”, since technically it is a sport an I am on the varsity team on my school, but it wont allow me to since it is not on their drop down menu. I really want to add it since I am the team captain, and its my second year on the team. What do I do since it won’t let me put it in?

Once I can put it on my activities list is it worth adding that I am a founding member, or will it take away from the fact that I am a varsity captain since although I am a founding member I didn’t start the team nor was I the captain last year? Also should I include that it was an all-girls team, since that is somewhat unique for eSports, or is that insinuated since I attend an all-girl high school?

@CameronBameron3 years ago

I'm naive so help me out. Why is an eSport (team video gaming) a sport? Did the NCAA declare it a sport? Isn't it closer to a Math Bowl, or Science Bowl where opposing teams use their brains and controls to get the right answer versus doing something physical like playing Lacrosse, Swimming or Football? Wouldn't it be an EC club activity like Model UN, Debate Team, Robotics? Help me out here.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@14PBM3 years ago [edited]

It is a CIF (California Interscholastic Federation) recognized sport. If your not from California heres a very brief description; “governing body for high school sports in the U.S. state of California.” So this distinction from activities like Math Bowl is important. There are also more skills involved like hand-eye coordination that are found in sports. CIF is what handles more traditional sports like Lacrosse or Football. https://www.playvs.com/california https://www.cifstate.org/esports/index

@CameronBameron3 years ago

Thanks. I don't think the CIF has enough influence to get either the Common App or Coalition app to recognize it as a Sport any time soon since they rep. schools in all 50 states.

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3 years ago

Hi! First off, I would say see if there is an "other" section under varsity sports. If there is, then great, you're good to go! If there isn't, you may have to pull some strings and try to add it into another section of your common app, like as a club. I know that it isn't technically a club, but that might be what the common app would consider this activity to be, and hence why it isn't under sports. There is almost always an extra section on the common app for every school to add details that wouldn't fit anywhere else on the application. You could always add all of these details (ex: being the captain) at that point.

As for your more specific question, if you already attend an all-girls school and this is clearly marked elsewhere on your application, I wouldn't risk sounding redundant by repeating it again in this section. Along with this, I would definitely put that you are a founding member! That doesn't take away the fact that you are captain, because your teammates vote you on there— it is not just automatically given to you because you helped to form the club.

I hope that my answers were helpful. Best of luck to you!! :)

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