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What level is this activity at?

I've been a member of an open-source language corpus project called Tatoeba for over a year. And based on what I've done so far, I want to know which level I should rate this as.

My profile: https://tatoeba.org/en/user/profile/DJ_Saidez

About it (for context): https://tatoeba.org/en/about

I've contributed over 15,000 sentences in several languages, many of which are translations of existing sentences, and have also helped to fix many others. (About 3,000 are my Spanish sentences which I handle in another account, and another 600 are my Japanese sentences which I give to native speakers) I was upgraded to an advanced contributor, which is one step up from entry level but two steps down from admin, and I'm waiting for an opportunity to go up another level.

Would me being upgraded to advanced contributor (which you have to apply for and is taken care of by admins) count as tangible proof of involvement, giving me the 2c level in Hobbies? Or what should I input this as?


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2 months ago

It sounds really cool and the amount that you've contributed would be some good tangible accomplishments. I'd say it's around high Tier 3 or low Tier 2.

If some of your other activities or other places in your application also talks about languages, that could be a really interesting spike.

One last note: make sure you really work on your activity description for this because admissions officers will probably not Google it (they just don't have the time) and I could see this either looking really great on the activity list if you describe it well or falling really flat if the description isn't specific, well-written, and descriptive enough. Most people won't know what Tatoeba is and I barely understood the phrase "open-source language corpus" (I thought it would be a coding project at first 😅), so make sure to have at least a few people (who don't know about it) read your descriptions so you can see whether it's confusing, what sounds impressive and what doesn't make sense or give the same impact that you know it should have. That way, you can figure out what words tell them how great this activity actually is.

Hope this helped!


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