2 months ago
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Drawing comic as an ec?

Right now I'm working on comic with my friend (a big one), but I'm not sure if it's gonna be out before January 1st, as it needs a lot of time which I'm lacking due to college apps. Can I still include it as an ec? It consumes a lot of time and perfectly aligns with my application profile (my ec's are stem + art related). If it is a good idea to add it, how should I describe it?(really have no idea) Thank you in advance:)

@beatrizb2 months ago

Hi! I was also wondering the same thing! I'm currently writing two sci-fi/fantasy books that also consume a lot of my time. But I don't think I will have finished them when I'll send my application. I believe that this activity aligns with my application because my ec's are also STEM + art related! So, I would appreciate if someone answer this question :)

@Texas_Student2 months ago

What do you mean by it won't be "out" by January 1st? Are you publishing it online? Indie Publishing? Looking for a traditional publisher?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Cody2 months ago

@Texas_Student I'm gonna publish it on 2 sites (in english and russian variants), not sure about date rn but I think it'll be finished and published in spring

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2 months ago

I think you should add it as an extracurricular -- it's definitely an impressive feat! If you're concerned you won't have proof you're actually devoting time to this hobby, you might send a small excerpt to the admissions office. I'd recommend describing it as visual novel to convey the large size and sound more professional.

2 months ago

Go for it! I would say emphasize it as a long-term project that you (and your friend) took independent initiative to do: colleges love leaders and good personal projects are great for that. If you're worried about it you could include somewhere that it's expected publishing date is January 1st.


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