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Is NSHSS worth joining?

I got an invitation to NSHSS and I have read reviews saying this was basically a scam. Will this really help my future chances in colleges? Do I get legitimate scholarships? I want to know the information on this society before I join it. I appreciate any answers :))

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3 months ago

Almost everyone gets an invite to this if you have half decent grades.

I asked my counselor about this and she said it wasn't very prestigious or competitive to get in. It's also expensive, you money would be put to better use saving for college, or summer college courses and pretty much anything else

3 months ago[edited]

@Anika, even if NSHSS was free, I would not do it because the threshold for admittance is really low and it is not recognized by any top colleges as showing that you stand out above the crowd. For the amount they charge for membership fees, it would serve you better to take an online college course or save up for a legit summer program, or use that to improve your SAT or ACT test scores. Hope that helps.

3 months ago

Hey @Anika_!

Unfortunately, NSHSS carries a reputation of a somewhat illegitimate and scammy organization. The requirements to are quite low and invitations to join are sent to several thousand students each year based on GPA and test scores, so it is not regarded as a prestigious society. There is also a membership fee to join rather than gaining exclusive membership to a competitive program, so it may not carry very much weight for admissions.

Based on this, I'd suggest looking into the NHS at your school since the requirements may be somewhat competitive and its certainly a much more legitimate and recognized organization.

Hope this helps!


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