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Can I get into Cornell College of human ecology even though my extracurriculars are focused on math and environment?

Currently, I am a senior applying for RD for Cornell University's College of Human Ecology, and my prospective major is Human Biology, Health, and Society.

My SAT is 1490, my GPA is 4.00, and I believe all my academics are okay for Cornell.

However, it is my extracurriculars are the one that worries me.

Most of my extracurriculars are focused on math and environmental science rather than biology.

But my extracurriculars in math and env. sci are pretty big- I won several state awards and competed in international math challenges and received a recognition from it.

There is one biology-related honor I got, but I don't think it has a big impact.

And my career I want to pursue is geneticist, and I am currently writing my essay over genetics.

Do you guys think I have chances for Human Biology, Health and Society in Cornell or should I just apply for another major in Cornell? Please help!

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2 months ago

@Christine918 you should be perfectly fine applying to CHE. The first sentence on requirements state they want applicants who are strong in Math and Sciences, and you have that. Perhaps some admits might have more Bio classes but you have plenty of time to catch up during Freshman year. Good Luck and don't worry too much.

Q. Is this your top Choice? Why aren't you applying ED then and getting it out of the way so you can enjoy the rest of your senior year?

Admissions Selection Factors

Competitive and compelling candidates demonstrate...

strong academic performance in a challenging curriculum that includes depth in core math and science courses throughout the high school career regardless of your choice of major.

a clearly articulated connection to the college mission and an understanding of how the academic programs will support your interests in addressing contemporary human challenges. (Please directly answer the College of Human Ecology's Cornell Supplemental Essay prompt!).

active engagement in school and greater communities through a variety of opportunities including extracurricular activities, meaningful service work, paid positions, internships, etc. [COVID 19 note: We realize that the global COVID-19 pandemic might have limited the available opportunities. We will have a record of your pre-COVID involvement, and we encourage you to be creative about how you might continue to serve and be involved in a safe way that is consistent with public health guidelines.

and an outwardly focused and observant perspective.


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